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3 Answers You Need to Know About Your 2020 Website Development

What is the difference between mobile-friendly and mobile-optimized?

Mobile-friendly means your website shrinks to the mobile device while mobile-optimized is much more.

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, will your site be affected by search?

Yes. While there are over 200 algorithm pointers AND Google shifts the algorithm every quarter with a core update, they have stated time and time again, the most significant search indicator is a mobile website. They index your mobile si…

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4 Point Checklist to Increase Website Conversions



By De-de Mulligan

Every client I have ever worked with in my twenty-year entrepreneur history is usually concerned with one thing: 

"If I spend money with you, how much business will I yield from that investment?"

The simple answer depends. Depends on what, you might ask. Depends on how your website is designed, if your message is clear, and your call to action is moving. 

Here's a simple checklist of the things you have to do to be relevant. 

Checklist …

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Part 3: What is a Website?

what is a website, website development Mulligan Management Group Hudson Ohio


Wait. Don’t click away. I know what you’re thinking. You don’t need someone to put you in a highchair to tell you what it is. Give me your ear for just a moment and allow me to explain.

Yes, we all know in general terms what a website is; however, due to rapidly changing technologies and end-user preferences, many don’t know what an active site is in today’s competitive business environment.

In part one of this series, we demonstrated the importance of doing a deep-dive…

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