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Part 5: When Should You Update or Develop Your Website?

Website development seems a daunting task, causing many to justify inaction or procrastination. Thoughts such as these are all too common:

  • “I have a web presence on the internet with the site I created four years ago; that’s sufficient.”
  • “I know someday my business will need a website, but we’re doing fine for now without one.”
  • “My site was developed by a professional, so it must be good even though it’s so complicated I can’t make any updates on my own.”


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Part 2: Who is Your Website Targeting?

As discussed in Part 1 of the first question to ask and answer yourself in order to have an effective website is why. Once you have a concrete idea about why you want a website, now it is time to begin thinking about who your website is really targeting.


The way your website is presented to an audience is crucial. If your website visitor cannot find what they are looking for specifically or be able to navigate to (i.e. click a link) to get to what they are seeking immediat…

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