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Want Better Team Dynamics? Work on Yourself First

Creating a more cohesive and effective work environment begins with individual self-improvement. The premise that personal development precedes collective success has only grown more relevant with global, remote teams.


 1. Be Real

Authenticity remains paramount in professional environments. To enhance authenticity, consider engaging with Brene Brown's work, particularly her book Daring Greatly, where she explores vulnerability and its power to transform relationships. Her TED ta…

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Mastering the Art of Presence


What does it mean to be present?


Three Dimensions of Presence



1. Being Present to the Moment: Embracing the here and now without distraction.

2. Being Present with Others: Engaging fully with the people around us.

3. Being Present with a Task: Focusing intently on the task without multitasking.

Living in the present moment offers numerous benefits, including increased mindfulness, improved mental health, better relationships, enhanced productivity, redu…

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