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Part 6: How to Develop a Website

After long consideration, or perhaps due to reading parts 1-5 of this blog series, you’ve finally concluded that it is time to establish a web presence for your business or update that website that is not effectively serving your business goals.

Now what?

First, take this moment in. It is progress to recognize that change is needed. It’s the first step in achieving your goal. You’ve made the first decision, now it’s time to consider what comes next.

There are two paths forwa…

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Part 5: When Should You Update or Develop Your Website?

Website development seems a daunting task, causing many to justify inaction or procrastination. Thoughts such as these are all too common:

  • “I have a web presence on the internet with the site I created four years ago; that’s sufficient.”
  • “I know someday my business will need a website, but we’re doing fine for now without one.”
  • “My site was developed by a professional, so it must be good even though it’s so complicated I can’t make any updates on my own.”


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Part 4: Where Should Your Website Reside?

Everything has a home, a place in which it exists, and your website is no different.

A website’s home is not its content (words and images), nor is it a website’s address, which is called its domain name (or URL).

A website’s home, called its WEB HOST, is the location where the web content resides.

Just as choosing a home for your family is an important decision, so is choosing the right web host (home) for your website. In this fourth installment of our Six-Part Series on We…

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