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6 Most Common Marketing Mistakes

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By De-de Mulligan

You have your budget set and allocations identified. You are ready to get after digital marketing. However, without proper planning and measurement of your efforts, much of your dollars and actions may be wasted.

Here are the six common marketing faux pas made by organizations and what to do about them.


Mistake #1: You Don’t Have Your Target Demographics Nailed Down

You must know the demographics of the decision-makers you are trying to attract. Here are…

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Measure Your Digital Marketing ROI with These Four Tips

You and your team (agency, interns, and employees) spent the last year growing your fan base, increasing engagement, and driving brand awareness.  While the efforts went well, in the end, you have a nagging feeling that you forgot something. It most likely was that dreaded three-letter acronym: ROI.

In a nutshell, Return on Investment (ROI) is a measurement of whether the investment paid off. Here is a simple example: Your organization invested $50,000 on digital marketing. If the compan…

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