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Ten Timeless Insights Every Event Planner Should Learn from Award Seasons

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Award seasons, including the Golden Globe Awards, Grammy Awards, Tony Awards, and the Oscars, provide a masterclass in event planning. These high-profile events captivate millions worldwide with glamour, detailed organization, and impactful…

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9 Email Etiquette Tips Every Professional Should Know

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According to a 2023 Microsoft study, office workers spend 9 hours weekly on email. To put this statistic in perspective, the average office worker spends two hours a day checking and responding to emails.


Yet many people still don’t kno…

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Practices to Make Earth Day, Every Day

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We All Can Make a Difference


On April 22nd, we celebrated the 54th anniversary of Earth Day, which was estimated to be observed by over 200 million people in 192 countries around the globe. While it may seem that one person, meeting, or …

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8 Key Components of a Strong Electronic Communications Policy



Which electronic communications do you have to consider for such a policy? Email? Social Media posts? VoIP calls? Texting? Chatbot conversations? WhatsApp?

The answer is: All of them.

An Electronic Communication Policy (ECP) is …

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Celebrating Small Business Week 2024: How You Can Support Local Entrepreneurs

As we enter Small Business Week 2024, it's a fantastic opportunity to reflect on the crucial role that small businesses play in our communities and the broader economy. These enterprises add character and uniqueness to our neighborhoods, create j…

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8 Agonizing Gardening Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Spring is in full bloom, and if you are like most Ohioans, you plan to plant your vegetables and flowers around Memorial Day weekend. However, getting suitable plants to thrive in your garden can be tricky – especially if you are new to Ohio.

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3 Things You Must Do When Spring Cleaning Your Office

Spring is the perfect time to clean your office space deeply. This season of renewal is a time to enjoy nature’s rebirth and thoroughly inspect and refresh your workspace and shared areas. Here are three essential tasks to help you and your cowor…

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8 Cost-Effective Marketing Strategies for Promoting Your Event

 1. Enhance Your Website's Event Visibility

Your event should be one of the first things visitors see on your homepage. Use vibrant images and compelling copy, including the event's date, location, and key attractions.

 Embed a straightfor…

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Revitalizing Event Sponsorships: Innovative Strategies for Modern Challenges

The landscape of event sponsorships has undergone significant changes, making the pursuit of sponsors a more nuanced and strategic endeavor for event planners. Gone are the days when potential sponsors eagerly awaited opportunities, ready to inve…

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Want Better Team Dynamics? Work on Yourself First

Creating a more cohesive and effective work environment begins with individual self-improvement. The premise that personal development precedes collective success has only grown more relevant with global, remote teams.


 1. Be Real


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Great Leadership Traits – How Many Do You Have?

1. Embrace Hybrid Work: The rise of hybrid work environments has emphasized the need for adaptable leadership styles.


2. Digital Transformation: As companies undergo digital transformations, the pacesetting and democratic leadership styl…

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Mastering the Art of Presence


What does it mean to be present?


Three Dimensions of Presence



1. Being Present to the Moment: Embracing the here and now without distraction.

2. Being Present with Others: Engaging fully with the people around us.

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Understanding E-E-A-T: Google's New Standard for Website Content

Digital landscapes are ever-evolving. Google's once widely recognized standard E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) has expanded to E-E-A-T. This new standard now considers Engagement a vital aspect along with Expertise, Authorit…

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Why You Need to Update Your Website Every Few Months

In today’s digital world, having a website has become essential for businesses of all sizes. A well-designed and maintained website can boost your brand image, engage customers, and drive conversions. However, regular updates and maintenance are …

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Demystifying Digital Marketing: How It Works and Why It Matters

In the ever-evolving business world, digital marketing has become an essential component of an organization. As more people continue to rely on the internet for their daily needs, businesses have recognized the importance of reaching customers on…

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