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Blogging 101: What and Why Blogs are Important

What is a Blog?


A blog is an online platform where regularly published written content covers various topics about information that touches that business.

Blogs often feature a chronological arrangement of posts, with the most recent content appearing first.

Blogs must be written or frequently updated - it's not a static part of your website.

On the logistics side – it has a catchy headline, contains photos or video, and is usually between 300-2,000 words long. There is…

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Skills to look for in a Copywriter or Blogger

What skills make up a good writer? Here are some characteristics to look for when researching a high-quality writer. 

Published work

The first step to vetting a writer is reading through their published work.

Generally, a good indicator of a talented writer includes: 

  • The scope of their writing
  • The frequency of their writing
  • The quality of their writing

In addition, look for other things, such as long-form pieces or any variety, to show that they can adapt to differ…

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Dos and Don’ts to Keep You Safe This Holiday Season

As the holidays draw near, this is a great time to welcome family and friends into your home or travel to see them.  However, as the days get shorter, colder, and snowier, there are a few safety tips you should keep in mind.


12 Dos and Don’ts for the Holidays


DON’T let people know where you are going.
Although it is tempting to post your travel plans, pictures, and videos in real-time, this can be a cue to invite burglars into your home. Wait until you get home and p…

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10 Office Tips to Keep You Productive and Protected

As people are starting to come back to the office slowly, this is the perfect time to clear the decks, change up the office space and ensure your company’s computers, mobile devices, and network is protected.

Set aside a half-day to complete this activity.

This blog is divided into three focus areas: Office Space, Individual Areas, and Computer Protection.


Office Space

According to CEO Space, office cleanliness directly impacts worker effectiveness and how clients perceiv…

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What About Blogging?


By De-de Mulligan

What is a Blog?


A blog consists of updated content about a specific topic.


A blog must be updated frequently - Start by writing one new blog post a week, and start in the middle of the week.  If you can only write one post a week, publish it on Wednesday.  If you can write two, publish them on Tuesday and Thursday.  If you can publish three, publish them from Tuesday through Thursday.


It's about a specific topic; related to your busine…

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Develop an Effective Video Strategy


Did you know:

  • Three hundred hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute?
  • One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words, according to Forrester?
  • Video is 6x more effective than print and direct mail combined?
  • Video is 12x more likely to be shared than hyperlinks and text combined?

There is no doubt about it; video is a compelling medium. Now is the time to jump on the bandwagon.

This blog will explore the way marketers use video, best practices in the indust…

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12 Simple Ways to Continuously Keep Your Home Safe

Last fall, all of us were inundated with news about hurricanes and wildfires. This winter, it has been nor’easters and erratic weather patterns. While these calamities received a lot of media attention, did you know in the United States there is a house fire every eighty-two seconds? That fire and inside water damage are the two most significant insurance claims, more so than the before mentioned Acts of God?

Here are the twelve biggest safety threats to your home and what you can about…

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Should You Outsource Your Digital Marketing Training?

In our business, we typically deal with prospects who have one, stretched individual who is responsible for all the digital initiatives from social postings to email campaigns. And usually, that person knows one aspect of digital very well, often leaving other channels in a constant state of cobwebs.

If you run a fast-paced, small-to-medium sized business, you and your staff don't have the time to train employees on all aspects of the ever-changing digital landscape.

But the ultimate q…

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Remember These Tips When It Comes to Your Website


By De-de Mulligan

Many of you probably have a website. Some of you put it up years ago and haven't touch it since. Some of you revamped it two years ago and feel you are good to go. 

However, in today's fast-paced, digital world, we recommend that all websites should have an audit once a year. Why? Not for reasons that you think. It's merely to make sure you have the best opportunity to rank for organic search and that you are meeting the ever-changing needs of today's users. 

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Blogging Remains Key Content Strategy in 2019: 5 Stats to Prove It

We all know the song Video Killed the Radio Star. But is it true? Ask five people, and you’ll likely get five different responses.

A similar question could be asked today about blogs. Has video killed the business blog? Again, ask five people you’re likely to get five different answers. But our response is a resounding NO! 

Blogging remains and will continue to be an essential element in your digital marketing strategy. Let us demonstrate why.

5 Statistics Showing Blogs Continu…

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6 Tips for Building a Trusted Digital Marketing Agency Relationship

What would you do if your social media manager suddenly quit? What about your if your current agency stopped returning your calls? Would you be able to conduct business? Would you be able to continue producing content without them?

Sometimes, clients take the relationships they have with their employee or partner for granted and don’t realize the impact these individuals have on their brand.

Digital marketing agencies provide essential services to keep your business in the online spo…

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