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Blogging Remains Key Content Strategy in 2019: 5 Stats to Prove It

We all know the song Video Killed the Radio Star. But is it true? Ask five people, and you’ll likely get five different responses.

A similar question could be asked today about blogs. Has video killed the business blog? Again, ask five people you’re likely to get five different answers. But our response is a resounding NO! 

Blogging remains and will continue to be an essential element in your digital marketing strategy. Let us demonstrate why.

5 Statistics Showing Blogs Continue to Bolster Online Presence and Reach

We’ve gathered various statistics that prove that websites that use blogs outpace sites that do not work in critical areas:

  1. Indexed pages – a 434% increase (Source: Hubspot)
    Companies that blog have a 434% increase in indexed pages over companies that don’t blog. What does this mean and why should you care?

    Indexing is the process of adding web pages into Google search. Each time you add a new blog, you’re tickling Google. It’s like saying, “hey Google, come visit again and see what we have now.” Bottom line, the more encounters you have with search engines (i.e., the more pages you continue to create on your website for Google to crawl), the higher the chance your site has of getting found (by search engines and therefore actual people). Search engines must find your site before real visitors can.

  2. Business websites containing 401+ pages get six times more leads than those with 51-100 pages (Source: Hubspot)

    While 401+ pages may seem like a lot,  the point is the more pages your site has, the better off you are. Plus, blogging is a long-term strategy.

    The key is just to get started and be consistent. If you can’t manage, or don’t have the budget for two blog posts a week, resolve to post one blog a week. You’ll exceed 100 posts in just over two years, boosting your authority in the process.

Think about it; once I write a blog, it is there to pay dividends for potentially years to come. When considering potential posts, choose topics that will connect with your reader and back it up with headlines that spark interest. Who knows, visitors may be reading next year a blog post that you wrote two years ago. Now, that’s longevity.

And don’t forget to include images…


  1. Blog posts with images get 94% more views than those without pictures.
    Image sources abound, with resources to match every budget. Better yet, consider adding original photos. Cell phone photography has improved to the point that with a little practice you can create quality images with the device in your pocket.

  2. 47% of B2B buyers read 3-5 blog posts before talking with a salesperson (Source: DemandGenReport)

    Which speaks to the fact that blogs help to build trust, authority, and goodwill with your client or customer. You may not get the opportunity for a face-to-face meeting to share your expertise with a potential client. But with a blog, you can put your knowledge and expertise on display for all to see.

  3. Blogs increase Web visits by  55% (source)
    The most compelling statistic of all! According to a study conducted by Hubspot, blogs increase visits to your website by 55%. That’s 55% more opportunities to convert a visitor into a customer or client.

⇒ Blogs Increase Web Visits by 55% 

Our team at Mulligan Management Group has seen this 55% statistic at work.  In monthly client analytics reports, we find that at least one blog post per month ranks in the top 10 pages visited. Often finishing in one of the top 3 spots. Blogs continue to drive traffic to your business website.

Has video killed the business blog? Certainly not!

Are you Ready for Your Mulligan? 

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