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Skills to look for in a Copywriter or Blogger

What skills make up a good writer? Here are some characteristics to look for when researching a high-quality writer. 

Published work

The first step to vetting a writer is reading through their published work.

Generally, a good indicator of a talented writer includes: 

  • The scope of their writing
  • The frequency of their writing
  • The quality of their writing

In addition, look for other things, such as long-form pieces or any variety, to show that they can adapt to different projects. 

Communication skills

Communication is essential for aligning with your brand, vision, and voice.

Research skills

A good writer should be able to conduct proper research to acquire a firm grasp of the subject matter and deliver a compelling and factual story. 


References from other companies are a good sign of positive engagement in the past and could point you to high-end content creators. 


About the Author

De-de Mulligan is President and Chief Content Strategist for Mulligan Management Group, a full-service digital marketing agency based in Stow, Ohio.  Mulligan has written over 1,500 blogs, several eBooks, and press releases. Her passion for writing and ability to deliver high-quality content on time, every time, makes her agency unique in the industry.

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