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10 Office Tips to Keep You Productive and Protected

As people are starting to come back to the office slowly, this is the perfect time to clear the decks, change up the office space and ensure your company’s computers, mobile devices, and network is protected.

Set aside a half-day to complete this activity.

This blog is divided into three focus areas: Office Space, Individual Areas, and Computer Protection.


Office Space

According to CEO Space, office cleanliness directly impacts worker effectiveness and how clients perceive your business.

  1. Move desks and chairs around.
    Let employees change their environment in a way that works best for them. Then, empower them to move things around, as long as there are no safety or health violations committed in the process.

  2. Get out the shredders, recycling stations, and large waste receptacles. Please put them in prominent locations.
    Dispose of all confidential documents via crisscross shredders. Recycle unrestricted paper files, glass, aluminum, and certain plastics. Throw away non-recyclables.

  3. Sell or give away filing cabinets.
    Move all your data to the cloud.


Individual Area

The National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals states being disorganized can cost each employee up to 4.3 hours per week in lost productivity.

  1. Clean your desk area.
    Sanitize your monitor, keyboard, mouse, phone, and desk. It’s estimated that up to 83% of the U.S. workforce eats at their desk. Therefore, it should be no surprise; it is projected that over 100 types of bacteria can thrive there.

  2. Put hand sanitizer on your desk and use it often.


Computer Protection


  1. Clean out email folders.
    Delete all irrelevant and old correspondence. This act alone will free up more storage and maximize your efficiency when searching.

  2. Remove unused apps from your devices.
  3. Upgrade and update all operating systems and apps, including antivirus software.
    At some point, current software versions will not run on your hardware. So, to keep bad actors at bay, decommission this unit immediately and replace it with a brand-new computer.

  4. Defrag your hard drive.
    Free up storage and make your computer run faster.

  5. Move all documents to the cloud.
    While a copy can remain on your PC, it is suitable for collaboration and back up to have your files in the cloud.

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