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Online Engagement: Both Art and Science [Infographic]

Online Engagement Infographic, Mulligan Management Group

By Kristin Shawd

Has the digital age, with all its data, killed the artistic side of marketing? It’s a valid question as metrics and analytics are increasingly hyped as the sure-fire solution for many of today’s marketing challenges.

If this is true, it suggests that marketers (and thus all business owners) should focus more on data and analytics, even if it comes at the expense of the artistic side of marketing. 

Let’s think about that. Do we really believe that science can re…

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Part 4: Where Should Your Website Reside?

Everything has a home, a place in which it exists, and your website is no different.

A website’s home is not its content (words and images), nor is it a website’s address, which is called its domain name (or URL).

A website’s home, called its WEB HOST, is the location where the web content resides.

Just as choosing a home for your family is an important decision, so is choosing the right web host (home) for your website. In this fourth installment of our Six-Part Series on We…

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