Mulligan Management Group, LLC

Does your website look dated? Can't be found? Isn't mobile friendly? Are your Facebook posts so old customers inquire if you're still in business?  The stakes have never been higher: choose the wrong path, and your company becomes invisible to prospects and customers. 

As any golfer will tell you, if you are stuck deep in the woods or shank your tee shot, it is good to have a  Mulligan. A do-over. A fresh start.  Is it time to take yours? 

Everyone Deserves a Mulligan

We're a women-led digital marketing agency that works with businesses, associations, and nonprofits who have a firm desire to improve and amplify their online marketing presence. 

We take customer care to a whole new level because we start with your business goals. We intend to deliver digital marketing strategies that will attract new leads to your company and put it in a stronger competitive position.


Our Four Promises

We listen, deliver, and solve your online marketing problems.

1. We do what we say. We say what we do. 
     That means we meet deadlines and adhere to your budget, with no excuses. 

2. We are rock solid.
      We have a woman-owned business that has been continuously operational since 2000. Even in the worst of times, we have always remained loyal to our clients and remained profitable. 

3. We are your trusted adviser. 
Should a specific challenge be beyond our capabilities, we will be transparent and give you a reliable reference to do the work.

4. We guarantee no surprise billing. 
       Our contracts are just that; the amount we agree to is the amount you will pay. 


We Give Back

We regularly speak at job clubs about LinkedIn, and our president is an adviser at Hudson Job Search. She also is on the board of trustees for NSME Akron/Canton.