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Akron Ohio Digital Marketing Agency

Mulligan Management Group proudly provides online digital marketing services anywhere in Akron!

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Akron Ohio Digital Marketing Agency

akron ohio digital marketing agency Mulligan Management Group


Akron Digital Marketing Company

Mulligan Management Group is an Akron digital marketing agency! Whether you're a big international corporation or a small, local business, if you need a new website, social media training, or a press release, we can help! Call us today to learn more about our vast offerings and great rates for your Akron organization!

Give us a call today at 330.472.7673.

We serve a variety of industries, including:


·    Hospitality

·    Education

·    Manufacturing

·    Security

·    Nonprofit

·   Entrepreneurs

·    Trade

·   Retail

·   Small Businesses



Our services include:

·  Website Design

·  Website Audit

·  Website Maintenance

·   SEO 

·   SEM 

·  Writing

·  Blogging

·  Whitepaper Writing Services

·   eBook Writing

·   Case Study Ghostwriting

·   Social Media Audit

·   Social Media Marketing 

·   Social Media Listening and Monitoring

·   Social Media Training

·   Email Campaigns​​ 

·   Press Release Writing and Pitching to Media


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We do digital marketing in Akron. 


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