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Help to Still Navigate Through the Coronavirus Crisis


Whether you’re working from home or going into the office, this pandemic is still stirring up many negative emotions for many Americans. But, most of all, the feelings of being unsettled are problematic.

One of the biggest problems is no one knows how long the pandemic will last or what long-term impact it will have on our lives.

So, what can we do?

The tips below are intended to help us adjust to our “new normal.”


Getting Through COVID-19


  1. Accept neg…

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How To Help Your Child Conquer Back-to-School Anxiety

Concrete Action Steps to Reduce Their Stress Levels

The supplies are purchased. New clothes ordered. Excitement is in the air...or is it? Perhaps the energy you are feeling from your child or children is worry or anxiousness associated with living with the pandemic, a new teacher, classroom, or bus routine.


According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, approximately 12% of children suffer from anxiety disorders. Unfortunately, anxiety only increases with age…

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Keep in Tip-Top Mental Shape as Your College Experience Begins

Parents: Imagine you're 18 or 19 years old again. You're moving hundreds or thousands of miles away from home to a new adventure – college. The expectation by everyone is that this will be a seamless transition. You'll prevail socially AND academically, providing such evidence of your happiness on social media.

It's important to note that clinical depressive disorders often surface in a person's late teens or early twenties when most enter the university environment. Depression is the s…

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