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What is owned, paid, and earned media?

by De-de Mulligan

Digital Marketing Excels With These Three

When it comes to finalizing your search strategy, our clients often lean on owned channels to pave the lead generation way. However, it has been my experience if you want to move the proverbial search needle a cohesive strategy that encompasses all three is your best bet to drive more individuals to your website, grow your followers, and establish your industry authority.

Learn more about each term, why it’s essential, and …

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5 Tips to Increase Your Google Ranking

google ranking, Mulligan Management Group digital marketing agency Hudson Ohio


Are you looking to drive more visibility and traffic to your business? Duh! Of course, you are! Google recently announced changes to their ranking algorithm that will provide more relevant results to the user, based on the criteria of their search. This new search system will bring fresher content to the forefront, thus allowing the user to see the most recent information about whatever they are searching on. So how can property owners take advantage of this update? 


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