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3 Things You Must Do When Spring Cleaning Your Office

Spring is the perfect time to clean your office space deeply. This season of renewal is a time to enjoy nature’s rebirth and thoroughly inspect and refresh your workspace and shared areas. Here are three essential tasks to help you and your coworkers rejuvenate the environment where you spend most of your weekdays.


1. Pledge to Become More Productive


According to the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals, disorganization can cost up to 4.3 hours …

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New Year Resolutions for Work


Work resolutions can be related to personal goals for the year or personal goals for the day-to-day. Even the smallest of changes have the potential to "rock your world" if you let it. So start by incorporating some small, easy-to-do resolutions into the workday and grow from there.


Start with a Positive Attitude

What do you want to happen this year and why? Do you want to make more money to:

  • Pay your bills with ease
  • Pay down on your credit cards or
  • Save for t…

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