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7 Super Suggestions for Being a Better Digital Marketer


Online marketing can be difficult, demanding, and very stressful at times.

If you recently reopened your business and are searching for the right marketing tactics, consider the seven tactics below that might give you some clarity.


Seven Guiding Digital Ideas


 Review Last Quarter’s Metrics

If you have Google Analytics installed on your website and have never looked at the reporting function, today is a perfect time to make that happen. Every social media and email campaigning tool also has analytics within them.

Value and consider all data and make a plan to capitalize on what’s working.


Establish Clear Goals and Budget Guidelines


When you have identified your objectives and formulated the budget for each area (i.e., website design, website maintenance, blogging, social media), everything becomes a lot easier. Be sure to gain buy-in from everyone involved in the planning process. Once the goals and budget are approved, you can convey the results to your internal team, agency, or both.  


Give Yourself Enough Planning Time


Whatever time you think you need to plan -- double it. Unless your team is small and flexible, time is what you need to establish SMART goals.


Delegate and Trust


No matter how great of a digital marketer you are, it is impossible to plan and execute all online marketing by yourself. Now is the perfect time to ask for help, so you don’t experience burnout. Trust your staff and agency to do a great job and make sure they feel comfortable coming to you if any problems arise.


Integrate a Hybrid Approach


If your budget allows bring in an agency, which can accomplish three things:

1) Enable you to take writing projects off your plate that are important to the company, but you don’t have the time or talent to finish this year

2) Give your team a fresh and creative perspective and

3) It will be less expensive than hiring another full-time person since you will only be paying for completed project work.


Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff


It is important to remember that all the blood, sweat, and tears you put into the planning, will not guarantee flawless online execution. Mistakes will happen, but the beauty of online is they can be corrected quickly. Conversely, please don’t wait to launch your website or COVID-19 messaging until everything is perfect because it never will be.


Take Some Risk


Conveying the same old message, the same stale way is a remedy for lost prospects and clients. People want to be entertained, wowed, or experience something new – so step out of your comfort zone and take a risk.


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