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Part 2: Who is Your Website Targeting?

As discussed in Part 1 of the first question to ask and answer yourself in order to have an effective website is why. Once you have a concrete idea about why you want a website, now it is time to begin thinking about who your website is really targeting.


The way your website is presented to an audience is crucial. If your website visitor cannot find what they are looking for specifically or be able to navigate to (i.e. click a link) to get to what they are seeking immediately, they will go bye-bye.  That means that you get like 2-5 seconds to capture the user or lose your user sometimes forever. Gasp!


To begin, simply think of WHO you would like to go to your website. Just like WHY you want a website, really dig down deep and ask WHO you want to visit your website.

Paint a Picture

In order to clearly define your audience, determine your WHO. Identify your target user, by kind of painting a “picture” of your target audience. You can achieve this by asking yourself the following questions:

·         What is the average age/gender of my audience?

·         What are the day-to-day interests of my audience?

·         What are the issues/problems/needs of my audience?

·         How computer savvy is my audience?


Keep asking yourself questions about your target user/audience and you will slowly define your website WHO. The reason your WHO is so important is that the structure of your website, as well as the content for each of your web pages, must be driven by a clearly defined audience.


Ok, now that you have narrowed that down, you can really drill down into the structure and content of your website, but we’ll save that for another day.


Remember, your website must be created with a target audience in mind. If you do not clearly identify your intended visitors, your website will miss the mark. Users may reach your website, but if it is not structured or written for your target audience, your intended users may just bounce right off and visit a competitor’s website.


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