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4 Point Checklist to Increase Website Conversions



By De-de Mulligan

Every client I have ever worked with in my twenty-year entrepreneur history is usually concerned with one thing: 

"If I spend money with you, how much business will I yield from that investment?"

The simple answer depends. Depends on what, you might ask. Depends on how your website is designed, if your message is clear, and your call to action is moving. 

Here's a simple checklist of the things you have to do to be relevant. 

Checklist Worth Investing In

  • Have a Strong Call-to-Action on Each Page. 
    Do you want the website visitor to buy your product, sign up for your email, or contact you for a consultation? Be clear about the action you want the reader to take and, oh, by the way; it's best to give them a red, orange, or green button to click instead of a link. 
  • Don't go more than Two Deep on the Navigation. 
    We have evaluated prospect websites where a user had to go four levels deep to find what they wanted OR they never found it at all - even with a search field! Users today want fast and accessible data at their fingertips. Giving them too much information or too many choices causes the visitor to abandon your site in search of an easier one to navigate. 

  • Focus on High-Quality Images that Invoke Emotion.
    Websites should not be text-heavy - but instead, focus on video and photographs that can say it all. High-quality images receive 94% more views as compared to websites or blog posts with lower quality images. 

    For example, if you're a gym owner that markets to older women, you need to show a video of this buyer persona working out in your business. Here's an example.




  • Spend Time on a KISS Design. 

    You remember what KISS stands for, right? Keep It Simple, Stupid. 

    With exception to the last word, simplicity is a beautiful word. Simplicity allows your website to be efficient. Simplicity helps the user find out in a split second, whether or not they are on the right site. Simplicity helps you to funnel your message down to the essential stuff. 

    This is where we start, and the research provides it's worth the time. According to Adobe, 68% of website visitors state an excellent design is a key to a positive online experience, while 85% say color is the main reason they buy the product or service. 


Mulligan Management Group is Here to Help

We can help you with a website that incorporates UX into it. Please call us at 330-472-7673 today for a free consultation! 

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