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9 Email Etiquette Tips Every Professional Should Know

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According to a 2023 Microsoft study, office workers spend 9 hours weekly on email. To put this statistic in perspective, the average office worker spends two hours a day checking and responding to emails.


Yet many people still don’t know how to send or respond to a properly formatted email. Many professionals make embarrassing mistakes that could be detrimental to their professional careers and reputations.


You should consider the dos and don’ts before sending or respond…

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4 Training Methods that are Producing Real Results

Training has become a real problem during COVID-19. While still necessary, how can it be delivered remotely?

The use of technology can deliver teachings and enforce the message. Despite the constant use of webinars and Zoom meetings this year, training your staff on specific topics for a limited amount of time does yield tremendous benefits.


Four Approaches Making a Difference


  1. Virtual Training

This collaborative method allows participants to connect, from anywhe…

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Is the “Luck of the Irish” With Your Business Today?

But what does this saying mean? How can we use this phrase to propel good things in our businesses? Lastly, is there anything to this saying that indeed resembles “luck”?

The “Luck of the Irish” was coined in the U.S. during the Gold Rush Days of 1848-52 when many Irishmen migrated from the east to the west looking for gold. Generally, the Irish were treated poorly during this time by other miners, so when the former found gold, the latter attributed their find to dumb luck instead of…

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