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Is the “Luck of the Irish” With Your Business Today?

But what does this saying mean? How can we use this phrase to propel good things in our businesses? Lastly, is there anything to this saying that indeed resembles “luck”?

The “Luck of the Irish” was coined in the U.S. during the Gold Rush Days of 1848-52 when many Irishmen migrated from the east to the west looking for gold. Generally, the Irish were treated poorly during this time by other miners, so when the former found gold, the latter attributed their find to dumb luck instead of skill – hence the term we know and use today.

If it is a skill, not luck, that propelled the Irishmen to a life of luxury, what can we take from this as we all celebrate tomorrow?


We All Have Some Irish Luck


Lucky to Have a Job

If you have a job, good for you!  

Whether you are employed or unemployed, now is the time to hone your job skills. Many new opportunities will reside in learning new technological solutions. So, if the opportunity comes along for digital marketing training, take it.

Lucky to be Alive and Kicking

Suppose you believe what you read, the average person 40 years ago, lived until they were 64. Now, ordinary life expediency is around 83. With that in mind, people are retiring later…but is their quality of life better?

Many companies are incorporating wellness initiatives, which include healthy foods, time for meditation, and practicing mindfulness. My personal favorite is working on the energy level – staying positive and focused in everything I do. Don’t gossip, throw people under the bus, or tap into negative thinking. Stay healthy, positive, and concentrated in your position.

Lucky to Fail

Remember, every large company started as a small, failing business. Thomas Watson was fired from NCR before starting IBM. Lee Iacocca was fired from Ford before becoming the CEO of Chrysler. In failure, we learn and grow.

Lucky to Pay it Forward

Whether it is making the earth a better, doing something good for a non-profit in your community, or giving your employees paid time off just for the heck of it, all of these initiatives show you are a company that cares about something more than your bottom line.

Everyone Deserves a Mulligan

Headquartered in Stow, Ohio, we want to help your workforce be more productive and lucky! With a breadth and depth of digital marketing solution, Mulligan Management Group is ready to provide your company with fantastic alternatives. Give us a call today at 330-472-7673!


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