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Keep Your Social Media Sites Safe by Following these Three Steps


Social Media represents the perfect storm for bad actors: billions of people on sites often less visible than emails or websites.

Today’s post will focus on a phased process that will not only limit your exposure to social media cyber attacks it will keep your online brand presence and reputation intact.


Step 1: Start with a Social Media Audit

Google your company name.

  • How many social accounts come up?
  • Is your organization active in each one? Regarding inactiv…

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5 Flatout Facts about Social Media that Can’t Be Contested

by De-de Mulligan

by De-de Mulligan


Social Media Facts:

  1. Boosts your company in meaningful ways
  2. Promotes your organization’s brand
  3. Extends the life of your message
  4. Builds excitement through clever messaging and humor
  5. It is less costly than traditional marketing methods

Social media is not to be ignored or used infrequently. Embrace it or be obsolete.

Social Media Boosts Your Company

Your organization may potentially touch five generations, depending on y…

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Promoting Your Event with Social Media

From conferences to product launches and everything in between, event planning professionals are finding ways to organize, plan, and promote their events with the help of social media.


There are two tools to promote an event here. 

The Facebook Events page allows you to create an event, invite your Facebook friends, and share it on your company's page. Your event can be private, public, just for your friends, or a Facebook Group. Also, if the event is online, you can use F…

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10 Out-of-the-Box Social Media Strategies


By De-de Mulligan

As you look at the last four months of the year, you may be inclined to shake up your social media strategy, especially if things aren’t moving in an upward fashion. Alternatively, you are looking to increase sales, especially in the fourth quarter. Or it would help if you can generate leads through this effort.

Whatever the case, there may be some things you have overlooked or dismissed in the past that can make a difference. Please give one or more a try!

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Believe it or Not, Snapchat Might Have a Place in Your Digital Strategy


I have to be brutally honest – I don’t get the appeal of Snapchat. But then again, I don’t belong in the generations they serve, primarily 18-32-year-olds (Gen Y) and 13-17-year-olds (Gen Z). However, after downloading the app and spending some serious time with it last weekend, I am starting to understand its appeal– especially for those trying to target the before mentioned generations in a new and exciting way.

Let’s take a closer look at what Snapchat offers and how bran…

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Learn to Leverage Live Video Streaming

Social media giants, including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, have joined the live streaming bandwagon. Why? Because users are rapidly digesting their content and, more importantly, they want to keep the user on their platform for as long as they possibly can.

Today’s blog will focus on the why, what, and who of live streaming and how meeting planners can integrate these tools into their next event.

Why Add Video Streaming?

According to HubSpot and Wyzowl:

  • Video has …

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How to Conduct a Valuable Social Media Audit

social media audit by Mulligan Management Group a digital marketing agency in Hudson Ohio


by De-de Mulligan

Whether you’ve had social media accounts for ten days or ten years, at some point, you should conduct an audit. While this sounds formal and auspicious, it doesn’t have to be so.

Most industry gurus recommend an audit once a quarter. I know that might be a bit much or an expensive proposition for many businesses. However, without a proper review, you can’t complete course corrections on your messaging.

Here are the twelve things we have found useful whe…

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2019 Social Media Predictions -- Mark or Miss?

social media trends, social media, Mulligan Management Group 2019 Social Media Trends


By De-de Mulligan

In December or January of every year, various organizations and bloggers make statements about what the next year is going to bring. As we are approaching the third quarter of the year, I thought it would be fun to take a look at those forecasts and how they did.

Please feel free to provide us your feedback about ones I missed or if you have a different view of the world. I’d love to hear from you!


Prediction #1: Dark Social is Gaining Traction


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Social Media + AI = A Better User Experience?

What do Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter Have Going On? 


By De-de Mulligan

In the race to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into every social platform, the intent is for every user to have a personalized experience. It's vital to businesses as they strive to measure the impact social media has on their objectives. These platforms are also using facial recognition to tie everything together.


This blog will specifically explore how the big three are using AI and the w…

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Everything You Need to Know About Social Media Influencers


By Michael McClafferty


An influencer is some who promotes a product, service, or campaign. Celebrity spokespeople were the original influencers. Think Matthew McConaughey with Lincoln. In today's digital world, social media influencers are adding value to businesses everywhere. More than two-thirds of North American retailers include influencers in their marketing strategies. Furthermore, nearly half of US and UK digital marketers dedicate 10% of their communications budget to…

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Pump Up Your Facebook Business Page (& boost) for Max Results

Optimizing Facebook Business Pages, Mulligan Management Group


By Kristin Shawd

Facebook is the top social media marketing platform for small to medium-size businesses, and likely it’s in your current marketing mix.

The question is, “are you using Facebook effectively?” 

Effective use of Facebook is made up of many factors, including:

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How Social Listening Can Boost Your Marketing Strategy

Social Listening for your business (image), Mulligan Management Group

By Kristin Shawd

Social media, social monitoring, social listening. Ever feel like digital marketing terms that you hear bandied about, though familiar, are just outside your ability to thoroughly define them, not to mention use them in a useful manner for your business?

While most small to medium-size business owners have a firm grasp on what social media is and at least a vague idea on ways to use it to market their business. Many remain unclear about social monitoring and social lis…

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Sink Your Teeth Into These 5 Social Media Best Practices

By De-de Mulligan 


Believe it or not, social media channels are now entering their mature stage. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are having decade anniversaries this year.

Every day, my team evaluates social media channels that our clients and prospects have in place. We regularly see either under- or overposting, not writing or sharing content relative to their audience, or varying company tones depending on who is writing the post.

As you enter the half-way mark of 2019, pe…

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11 Ways to Pinterest Success (It’s a Legit Marketing Tool)

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest. How should your business view these social media platforms? Should they be embraced as critical components in your marketing mix, or dismissed as a distraction from it?

These are common questions from our clients. So, we’ve devoted six blog posts to answer them—each post dedicated to a single platform: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Pinterest is our focus today — we’ll consider user and marketing sta…

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5 Reasons Marketing with YouTube Works

YouTube. You probably consume content on it, but have you added it to your business marketing mix? Should you?

To help answer this question, we are taking a close look at YouTube – user statistics, marketing statistics, pros and cons that may help you decide if its time for your business to jump on the YouTube bandwagon.

In other posts from this blog series, we have focused on other social media platforms and why you might consider each one in your business marketing plan –  Faceb…

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11 Tips to Drive Your LinkedIn Messages to Decision Makers

Is social media part of your company’s marketing mix? Should it be? How should you decide? Such questions are common as many who have yet to embrace social platforms realize they might be short-changing their marketing efforts.

To help answer these questions, we launched a blog series focused on social media platforms and business marketing. While today’s post will look at LinkedIn, other posts in this series cover Facebook, Instagram, TwitterYouTube, and Pinterest.

LinkedIn St…

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Twitter: Still Relevant for Business Marketing?

Social media and business – are they a match made in heaven or not worth the effort? While many companies have already recognized the benefits of embracing social platforms in their marketing mix, there remain others that still aren’t so sure.

That’s why we’ve launched a mini blog series where we’re taking a close look at various social media channels – to help you decide if social media should be part of your marketing plan and which platforms might best suit your needs.


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Should My Business Use Instagram for Marketing?


Today’s post takes a look at Instagram, offering helpful statistics, its pros and cons as a platform, and a few best practices to help you decide if it’s a platform your business should consider. (Check out other blog posts where we have considered Facebook for business marketing, plus  Twitter, LinkedInYouTube, and Pinterest.)

Instagram Statistics to Consider

Instagram has 1 billion active users globally, 500 million of which use Instagram daily –  the U.S. figure is…

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Facebook: Why Marketers Can’t Afford to Ignore It

It’s relatively easy for businesses to come to this conclusion; it’s when they consider the next questions that confusion and frustration can arise:

  • What platforms make sense for marketing your business?
  • How can your business best utilize these platforms?
  • What are the pros and cons of one platform over another?
  • Should your business be on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn?
  • What about Pinterest or Snapchat?
  • What should your expectations be?

These are common qu…

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Marketing Concepts + Social Media = ROI? Maybe Yes, Maybe No


As a self-proclaimed social media consultant and expert, I am always amazed at the misunderstanding of social media in the C-Suite world. These highly intelligent, and might I add highly paid individuals, seem to be looking at social media through one prism equation:

(Time + Money) x Social Media = Increased Sales

While we all want this equation to work, it is as irrelevant as comparing outdoor advertising to a Pinterest bulletin board. Apples to oranges. Typewriters to tablets. …

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