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10 Out-of-the-Box Social Media Strategies


By De-de Mulligan

As you look at the last four months of the year, you may be inclined to shake up your social media strategy, especially if things aren’t moving in an upward fashion. Alternatively, you are looking to increase sales, especially in the fourth quarter. Or it would help if you can generate leads through this effort.

Whatever the case, there may be some things you have overlooked or dismissed in the past that can make a difference. Please give one or more a try!


Ten Interesting Options


  1. Build brand awareness through social media events.
    Hold a Facebook live meeting or create a webinar and promote it on your channels.

  2. Hone in on your buyer personas
    Maybe you think you understand your buyer. Alternatively, you have been putting off writing out whom you should target. No more. It’s time to understand who buys your products and their buying journey.


  1. Set specific, short-term goals for your campaigns.
    While increasing the number of followers for your social platforms is undoubtedly a measurement, it shouldn’t be your only tool. Ideally, you want to look at engagement with each post and, overall, whether that leads to a conversation with a potential client. The goals should be over a month or through the end of the year.

  2. Hire a writer.
    Sometimes your campaigns may be flat because they are missing creative, witty, or intriguing hooks. The right resource can add enough flair to wake your audience up and make them look forward to your next posts.

  3. Stop selling; start helping.
    If you’re using social media as a vehicle to sell your products or services, please stop. If they trust you understand their needs and help them solve their problems, they are more likely to consider buying from you.

  1. Run contests.
    These campaigns can be as simple as captioning a photo, downloading a book, giving you a referral, or filling out a contact form. Whatever your goal, contests create a sense of urgency with the user by giving them a deadline.  

  2. Use video every week.
    82% of all internet traffic will be from video in two years. This quarter is a great time to test, learn, and prepare for the future. I suggest you try all media types, including Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, LinkedIn video, and YouTube Live for on the fly videos. However, you’ll want to sprinkle in scripted videos as well and upload them onto YouTube.

  3. Post with professional photographs.
    You can obtain royalty-free photographs from or purchase them through Shutter Stock, Canva, or PicMonkey.

  4. Consider Pinterest.
    If your product or service targets women under 34, this channel is for you. There are 150 million active users per month.

  5. Use a Scheduling Tool.
    You can schedule out your posts on Facebook and Twitter (via Tweetdeck) for free. However, when it comes to other social media tools, you will need to pay a fee. They include:
    1. Hootsuite ($29/month)
    2. Buffer ($15/month)
    3. Zoho Social ($100/year)

          The plus is you can schedule it and forget it. The con is you are not in the moment. However, all these tools provide useful, in-depth analytics.


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