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12 Ironclad Ways to Invite a Burglar into Your Home

By De-de Mulligan

Perhaps you have been a victim of a home burglary, or you know someone who has; an old neighbor, friend, or work colleague. Without a doubt, this criminal has reoccurring “tricks of the trade” that can make your home more vulnerable to their intrusion. Check out the 12 things that lure them to your doorstep and what you can do about them.


When You are Out of Town


  1. Keep your mail, newspaper, and deliveries going.
    The easiest way a burglar knows you on vacation is to see a stuffed mailbox, boxes on your porch, and newspapers piled high in the driveway.

    Be sure to stop your mail and newspaper before the trip, and if you forgot about or can’t stop a delivery, ask a neighbor to bring packages into their home or put them in your garage.

  2. Don’t plow your driveway or walkway.
    Virgin snowdrifts are a dead giveaway that no one is home.

    During the snowy season, keep your driveway and walkway plowed all the time.

  3. Announce on Facebook where you are going and post pictures while you are there.

    Don’t put any indications of your trip on any social media. Wait to post your pics upon your return.


Alarm System Missteps

  1. Install the control pad in plain sight. 
    If you let strangers into your home, they may witness you disabling the alarm system with your personalized code.

    Put the control system in another room, away from the line of sight of any first-floor doors or windows.

  2. Don’t bother with alarms in the master bedroom.
    A burglar is most likely to go straight for the master bedroom, in hopes of gathering valuable jewelry and cash.

    Install controls on the windows, especially if the bedroom is on the first floor.

  3. Please don’t set it.
    An alarm system doesn’t do you any good if it is not set when you are away from home.

    Set it all the time, even if you are running out to do a 30-minute errand.


Shh - Burglars Love Quiet Places


  1. Keep things very quiet.
    A quiet home is the one most criminals like the best.

    Keep the TV or radio on always when you are not at home.  Or better yet, buy a dog.


General Tips to Get into Trouble


  1. Put all valuables in the master suite.
    As stated before, the burglar is probably only going to ransack this bedroom.

    Hide all valuables in the children’s rooms.

  2. Keep your blinds up and show off your 70” TV, computer, and gaming system.
    Remember, before someone burglarizes your home, they will probably drive by it several times. If valuable items can quickly be snatched and grabbed because they are in plain sight, these criminals will be more enticed to enter your home.

    Put your TV and gaming system in the rear of the home, away from any large window. Same for your computers and monitors. But your blinds down after dark.

  3. Leave your windows and doors unlocked.
    When interviewed about the way they entered a home, many robbers readily admitted they opened an unlocked window or door and walked right in.

    Keep all windows and doors locked, and be sure to have a deadbolt on your exterior doors. All exterior doors should be made of steel.

  4. Trust all friends and family members.
    According to the US Department of Justice, 66% of all burglaries are committed by someone who knows the victim.

    If you sense someone you know might break into your home, be sure to install an alarm system. A dog or loud TV won’t deter them because they have been to your home many times.

  5. You wear your Rolex watch and one-carat earrings everywhere.
    If a thief sees you out in your flower garden with a $25,000 watch and $5,000 pair of earrings, they are going assume you have priceless things in your home.

    Wear your valuables occasionally, and only to events you know there is no risk for exposure to where you live.


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