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5 Super Ways to Get Attendees Revved Up About Your Big Event

Your convention, trade show, or gala is several months from now. However, much to your disappointment, registration, exhibitor and sponsor signups are lackluster. Bombarding potential attendees with an email blast every other week isn't working. There must be a better way.

Most experienced organizers will tell you it's about telling your event's story through multiple channels. First, building up to why, then capturing great moments that can be archived and told again, is vital when pitching the next meeting to prospects.

Here are five tools you can use to get attendees roaring toward your registration page.


Five Effective Instruments and When to Use Them


Email Campaigns

When: Before

How often: Seven times
One year, nine, six, three months, 45, 30, and 7 days before the event

What to know: Before sending out your first email, beef up your subscriber base. This can be handled organically or by purchasing targeted records. The goal should be a 6:1 ratio. In other words, if you want 1,000 attendees to register, you should have 6,000 individuals on your list.


Social Media

When: Before and During

How often: Twice a week before, several times during

What to know: Before doing any social postings, audit your channels. Please make sure the correct information is on each of them. Write and schedule as many posts ahead of time, so you don't fall behind during busy periods. Provide channel access to trained brand ambassadors. Ask them to post often during the conference. Finally, remember to establish an event hashtag and use it on every post.



When: Before and After

How often: Once a week, 60 days before and 60 days after the meeting

What to know: It may be challenging to write these posts yourself, especially if you are juggling a lot of event logistics. Create a content calendar. Make it part of a speaker's contract that they must submit a blog post to you. To fill in the gaps, ask brand ambassadors to help. This may leave you with only one or two to write, which should be a manageable number.



When: Before

How often: Once a month

What to know: Podcasts take time to produce and edit. They can be a unique way to promote your event through a 15- or 60-minute interview with each of your presenters. Listeners will gain a unique glimpse into the background of each interviewee, something they probably won't get at the event.



When: Onsite

How often: During the conference

What to know: Before engaging in live streaming, your team will need to decide what sessions will be streamed, how they will be completed (i.e., professional or amateur), what equipment is required, and if you have enough capacity.


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