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What About Blogging?


By De-de Mulligan

What is a Blog?


A blog consists of updated content about a specific topic.


A blog must be updated frequently - Start by writing one new blog post a week, and start in the middle of the week.  If you can only write one post a week, publish it on Wednesday.  If you can write two, publish them on Tuesday and Thursday.  If you can publish three, publish them from Tuesday through Thursday.


It's about a specific topic; related to your business.


It has a catchy headline on the logistics side, contains at least one photo or video, and a minimum of 300 words in length.


Why Blog?


Blogging helps drive more traffic to your website.

Whenever a blog post is published and pushed to social, it's a new opportunity for someone to find your website and learn more about your organization.


Blogging provides endless opportunities to be found online.

Blogging helps you tailor the audience you bring into your website, so they're people that would conceivably use your products or services.


Blogging helps establish trust through thought leadership.

By allowing a professional blogger, like myself, to create content that helps answer questions for your target customer, you're establishing a trusting relationship that makes them more comfortable investing in your organization.


Why hire an outside agency?


According to HubSpot,

  • 65 percent of companies name generating traffic and leads
  • 43 percent list proving return on investment issues as top marketing challenges.


Furthermore, The Content Marketing Institute

  • names producing engaging content (63 percent)
  • measuring content effectiveness (60 percent) and
  • measuring ROI (59 percent) as the top five challenges.


 73 percent of companies hire someone to take care of their content marketing strategy. And, in return? These businesses see six times higher conversion rates.


The best reason to hire an outside writer is to know that your work will be delivered on time and relevant to your audience.


You want people to read the blog posts and come back for more!



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