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Twelve Secrets to Building Your Brand Name in a Digital World

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  1. Discover your brand promise
  2. What is your message's emotional appeal?
  3. Position your brand
  4.  Develop a signature
  5. Define your market
  6. Create a message 
  7. Be consistent
  8. Tie your brand to events
  9. Measure your marketing result
  10. What target market do you serve?
  11. Are these markets distinct?
  12. Is there cross over potential between the products?


Discover your Brand Promise!

To discover your market, start by doing research with your customers and non-customers. Why did your customers buy, and just as importantly, why didn't your prospects? Discover how your product and service is different from your competitors. 

What is your Emotional Appeal?

Focus on the benefits your product or service brings to your customers and prospects. Is your client motivated by greed or fear? Put yourself in their shoes and discover the “WIIFM” (What’s in it for me?}.


Position Your Brand

Is your brand focused closer to

  • Quality
  • Service or
  • ·Price?

For example, Hershey candy bars are medium quality for a low price compared to Godiva chocolate that is high quality and high price. Determine where you want to be and do not waiver from that location.


Develop a Signature

What is your tag line? A tag line pays off for your positioning, such as McDonald’s “You deserve a break today.”


Define Your Market

Research your market through qualitative and quantitative research methods. Qualitative means include, but are not limited to focus groups, interviews, and secret shoppers. Quantitative are surveys with fixed responses (yes, no, or multiple choice). You need to have both. The research will also help position your brand better.


Create a message

What is your 30-second commercial? Put it on your website, blogs, press releases, and social media sites. 


Develop your media message

Spend time creating a media marketing plan. What are you going to do to communicate your message to your target audience?

· Press Releases


· Website Updates

· Blogs

-Social Media

Develop a wide range of tactics.

Be Consistent

Every piece of communications that goes out of your office needs to be consistent in the logo, colors, tag line, and message. Your:

· Business card

· Web page

· Even how you answer the phone and voicemail


Tie Your Brand to Events

Use a big event to launch your new brand or message.


Measure Your Marketing Results

Ask the following questions when you have a new prospect call or email your business:

· How did you hear about us?

· What did you hear about us?

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