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Social Media + AI = A Better User Experience?

What do Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter Have Going On? 


By De-de Mulligan

In the race to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into every social platform, the intent is for every user to have a personalized experience. It's vital to businesses as they strive to measure the impact social media has on their objectives. These platforms are also using facial recognition to tie everything together.


This blog will specifically explore how the big three are using AI and the ways your organization can take advantage of it today.


In 2017-18, Facebook purchased two companies, Bloomsbury AI and Ozlo to tackle fake news, identify inappropriate content, and provide the foundation for Facebook Messenger.


These AI algorithms:

  • Track user activities
  • Identify user engagement trends to serve up content at the top of their feed they integrate with the most
  • Aggregate demographic information for maximum ad placement


Chatbots are part of Facebook Messenger, which is part of every Facebook Business Page. Messenger has in-depth analysis to help you identify the type of information your prospects and clients want.


In 2016, Twitter acquired Magic Pony Technology to:

  • Monitor trending topics
  • Suggest whom you should follow based on current or new followings
  • Provide each user with the most relevant tweets based on the level of engagement they had with specific tweets and those like them


This platform leverages AI by giving each user profile improvement suggestions based on their work experiences. Through the use of AI product Bright, recruiters receive better candidate matches based on each candidate’s job description and length of time with each employer.

If you are too busy to create content, LinkedIn now offers content suggestions on your business page based on prior posts and keywords.

How Can You Take Advantage of AI?

  1. Be sure to identify your products, persons, and company in all photos through the uses of Alt Text and @ signs within social media. For example, if you are posting a picture of your employee, you might say something like this: Congratulations to @Pat Dzurilla for serving one-year with @Mulligan Management Group!
  2. Once your photos are marked, be sure they are in the cloud. When AI completes a search, your images will come up and can link directly to that social post.
  3. Use a Social Media monitoring tool such as Mention or SproutSocial to automate, and deliver real-time alerts that can provide competitive insights, identify opportunities to differentiate your brand and complete sentiment research.
  4. The proper use of AI can help identify the right influencers to help build up your brand.

Want to Know More About AI?

Check out our latest YouTube video about Chatbots! We can also help you get the most out of your social media marketing efforts today! Give us a call at 330-472-7673 for a free consultation.  

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