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Promoting Your Event with Social Media

From conferences to product launches and everything in between, event planning professionals are finding ways to organize, plan, and promote their events with the help of social media.


There are two tools to promote an event here. 

The Facebook Events page allows you to create an event, invite your Facebook friends, and share it on your company's page. Your event can be private, public, just for your friends, or a Facebook Group. Also, if the event is online, you can use Facebook Live or provide attendees an external link (i.e., Zoom or Skype).

Your Facebook Business page can be used to share the event. To create the most buzz, keep potential attendees up-to-date with new and exciting announcements as often as possible. 


LinkedIn is the number one tool used by business professionals. It also has an Events page where you can create your event and invite your connections.


It is most effectively used to hype the event a few days before the start and during the event. Your attendees can tweet about the conference using the event handle and hashtag. 

On the phone application, you can interview people via audio and tweet out the content. It works much like Facebook Live, except it's strictly audio.


It is the world's most popular online video community, allowing millions of people to discover, watch and share created videos. Much like Facebook Live, YouTube has live capabilities as well.  


Social media aims to engage attendees in a conversation before, during, and after the event. So it's not just about promoting the event but making social media part of the event.

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