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Build Better Employees By Granting Quiet Time

This has been quite a year. If you manage a team and work, all the better. However, given all the stressors COVID-19 has brought on, it is vital to the team's mental and physical well-being; they have quiet time to reflect on their challenges and spur creative juices, especially if you are all in the office.

Here are five ways to help build a culture of alone and quiet time.

Quiet Quotients

  1. Make vacation mandatory for every employee.
    According to Project Time Off, Americans wasted a record-setting 658,000,000 vacation days last year. Workers cited three reasons for not taking a vacation:
    1. 37% said returning to a mountain of work
    2. 35% stated no one else could do the job
    3. 33% said they could not afford a vacation. However, they are missing the primary point. Vacations replenish creative energy, stave off burnout and help reduce turnover  – something every organization, large or small, is interested in, especially now.
  2. Don't make employees work nights and weekends.
    Let them leave work at work. It is easy to send a text, voicemail, and email out, and when you think of it, resist the temptation and wait until the workday begins.

  3. Give team members a Mental Health Day.
    If they must work overtime or on weekends because a project deadline demands it, give your team members one or more paid Mental Health Days.

  4. Build "me" time into everyone's schedule.
    Don't have teammates sit at their desks all day. Here are some helpful tips for building in quiet time and enhancing office relationships:
    1. Get away from the workspace every hour.
    2. Go outside, be quiet and close your eyes. Focus on your breathing and let your mind rest.
    3. Provide time for meditation. There are many apps as well as YouTube-guided meditations, such as ones offered by Deepak Chopra.
    4. Read and use the tips from Mindful Work.
  5. Ask team members to follow the 24-hour rule.
    Many emails and phone calls do not need to be addressed immediately. Unless a decision must be made at that moment, wait and reflect on your decision. Use quiet time to meditate about your answer – it works!

In summary, try and find quiet time wherever you go. Surrender to the silence and put away your smartphone for a few minutes. Take in the natural surroundings. Focus on your breathing. Enjoy the simple pleasures.

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