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7 Social Media Slam Dunks that can Drive more Attendees


Can Social Media help bring new attendees to your conference? If handled right, the answer is a resounding yes!

Perhaps you have dabbled with social in the past and found it to be an ineffective event tool. You may be skeptical, but there is hope. The tried and true techniques listed below can help your conference attendance and event excitement improve dramatically.


7 Social Slam Dunks


Find out Where Your Attendees Hang Out


Every demographic has social channels they gravitate to – whether it be Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram. Find out where your potential attendees spend their time and plan to provide content where they are.

Create A Content Calendar


The biggest reason social does not work well is that postings are inconsistent. Determine how many days per week you can post and stick to that schedule. Attendees will start to look for your interesting content and hopefully, share it with others.

Sell Attendees on the Total Experience

Don’t just pitch your conference - spend time posting exciting information about the venue, destination, speakers, and sponsors. Let your audience know as much about the total conference experience as possible.


Invite Others to Contribute and Share


When you host a conference, you have staffers, presenters, and sponsors that can help you spread your message and many will be happy to help. Encourage them to write guest blog posts, share social postings and provide you with photographs and videos of their offerings.

Also, ask all your stakeholders to share your posts with their friends and followers. Virality at its best – when everyone shares one post with thousands of people with the simple click of a button.


Track Posts That Work


Please realize until you get the hang of posting regularly for your event, you will have some posts that work and others…well…not so well. If you use a social aggregator such as Buffer or Hootsuite, there are built-in analytics, and you can glean some interesting information from the data.

However, don’t get too involved in statistics. The main takeaway is to avoid posts that don’t work at all with your potential and current attendees and continue building your message on posts that resonate with them.

Create an Event Hashtag and Use it


Hashtags are essential, especially from a search and social signal standpoint. Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook use them. Put them on every post and make sure to have the hashtag prominently displayed on event materials, signage and PowerPoint presentations.

Have your staff constantly monitor that hashtag for questions, comments, and complaints.


Above All, Remember Social is Conversational


Get the conversation started. Don’t seem too one-sided in either direction – constantly listening or continually promoting. Make your posts interesting by curating trending information that will be of use to your attendees, ask them questions and respond promptly.


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