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6 Tips for Building a Trusted Digital Marketing Agency Relationship

What would you do if your social media manager suddenly quit? What about your if your current agency stopped returning your calls? Would you be able to conduct business? Would you be able to continue producing content without them?

Sometimes, clients take the relationships they have with their employee or partner for granted and don’t realize the impact these individuals have on their brand.

Digital marketing agencies provide essential services to keep your business in the online spotlight. The sooner you realize how vital your agency is, the sooner you will be able to develop a mutually beneficial business relationship that rewards you with the content produced as a team.

Treat your agency as if they are an extension of your company. Agency personnel that feels part of the team will deliver better content. They will help you out when you need help, and will enthusiastically work with you every step of the way.

Here are a few tips on how to develop such a relationship.


1 - Select an agency that offers the quality of work that best represents your brand

You get what you pay for with digital. If you want a high end, professional content, don’t compare them to unpaid interns or international content providers and expect the same level of service for the same price.


2 – Go all in

Find a quality agency you want to work with and nurture that relationship! Putting out an annual RFP can be a waste of time and resources. After a few successful campaigns together, start using them exclusively.

The more they work with you, the more they understand how you work and like things done, which means the less you’ll have to explain.


3 – Involve the agency in the creative process

Agency staff are experts in their industry and often have many great ideas that you just would not have thought of on your own. If you are bidding out a project, bring them in for a “team” meeting to generate ideas for your campaign. You may be surprised at the creativity, ideas, and inspiration that can come from such a meeting.


4 - Understand  a digital marketing agency’s limitations

If they say that they can’t do it, or that they highly advise against it – trust their opinions. I would still ask why, but there should be a good reason for their recommendation. Perhaps brand confusion, noise, or confusion might result in problems during the campaign.

Many clients will push hard to get their way only to discover that the agency was right in the end. Please don’t make this mistake. Of course – sometimes people don’t like a particular idea or direction for a variety of reasons that can derail the overall monthly objectives.

The point is – find an agency you like, develop a trusting relationship with them, and then trust in their abilities.


5 - Ask and learn!

 If you don’t know something, don’t just nod your head in agreement like a bobblehead doll - ask!

A good agency employee will be happy to explain something to you or provide you with training. Learning terminology or jargon will allow you to speak in the same language.


6 - Communicate

Working with an agency should be a pleasant experience. In every relationship there are ups and downs, so communicate often to develop your team continually. Working through problems together can strengthen your business relationship, increase trust, and ultimately lead to better and better online presence.

Everyone makes mistakes and as long as they take responsibility, think of it as a learning experience for them and an investment in their education for you. They now know what you don’t like or what they shouldn’t do for your next campaign.

Communication goes both ways. Sometimes a simple phone call can defuse tensions and help avoid unnecessary frustrations and assumptions. Please don’t wait until the due date has passed and they call you to find out what is going on. Be proactive and call immediately.


The most important thing that you should remember is - Treat your digital marketing agency the way you want your clients to treat you.

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