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6 Red Flags to Watch When Selecting a Digital Marketing Agency

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This statement probably isn’t going to surprise you: all digital marketing companies are not alike. Some are hungrier than others; some have better follow-up systems, and some…quite frankly…should not make your cut.

Here are seven data points you need to pay attention to when selecting a provider. Anyone of them can be a warning sign, but if a vendor has all seven, cancel your contract and move onto a more reputable agency.


6 Red Flags


  1. They do not respond to emails and calls on a timely basis.
    Everyone is busy, and it is reasonable for there to be a lag between your email and the agency’s response. However, if you feel a need to place another call or write an additional email, don’t do it. YOU are the customer. If they want your business and want to keep it, timely responses will occur within one-two business days.


  2. They do not listen.  

  3. They don’t list their products or expertise on their website.
    You may have received a recommendation from a colleague, but when you go to their website, it doesn’t state what services they specialize in or what credentials they carry.


  4. They can’t make a conference call or Zoom meeting...or it takes forever to schedule one. 

  5. They don’t put everything in writing.
    It is essential to have a document that spells out precisely what services you are buying over what period. A clear statement of work is a must-have.


  6. They are too rigid.
    Beware of an agency that starts off your conversation with “you must have…” or “we never…” or “there will be penalties if….”. You want someone that has your best interests at heart and can move in an agile, frictionless manner.



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