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5 Ways to Thank Your Team This Thanksgiving Season


With the Thanksgiving holiday quickly approaching, it’s time to appreciate your team in a thoughtful, considerate way. Research has proven that employees who feel appreciated will reward you with loyalty and continued hard work. Team members recognized for their hard work often take more pride in their work and go the extra mile. In addition, thankfulness helps build better relationships with other employees and promotes a positive workplace.


Follow these five tips to make sure your team knows you care.


A Simple Thank You

Sometimes, a little goes a long way. The easiest way to show thanks is to say it! It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture in front of the whole team. For example, if you see an employee in the break room that just finished a big project, give them a quick “thank you” to show you notice their hard work and dedication. Then, please leave a short, personalized note on their desk. Small gestures make a big difference.


Treat Your Team to Lunch

Instead of doing the same-old potluck and making employees supply the food, treat them to a lunch or dinner this holiday season. Get a local company to cater or order enough pizzas to feed your whole team. A Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings that your employees don’t have to prepare would be very much appreciated. Make sure to start the meal off by thanking your team for their hard work.


Make a Thank You Wall

Make it easy for employees to thank each other as well. Find a space in the office where team members can leave notes to thank other members, including you! This is a great way to build relationships between members and promote a positive workplace. In addition, seeing how many people appreciate your hard work every day is a great way to improve employee motivation.


Holiday Bonus

This doesn’t mean you have to send a $5,000 check to each employee. It can be a small amount or a gift card to their favorite restaurant.


Give the Gift of Time

For some companies, the holiday season means slower months. Let team members leave a little early or come in a little later if you can afford it. You can also let employees work from home. This shows you trust their judgment and time management skills. People like to spend time with their families over the holidays. Sometimes, this is the only time they get to see distant relatives all year. Giving back time to your employees will allow them to spend their holidays focused on family instead of work.



When it comes to showing thanks to your employees, a little goes a long way. Team members don’t expect to receive extravagant gifts or huge bonuses. Instead, they want their hard work to be recognized to know they are contributing to the team.


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