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5 Flatout Facts about Social Media that Can’t Be Contested

by De-de Mulligan

by De-de Mulligan


Social Media Facts:

  1. Boosts your company in meaningful ways
  2. Promotes your organization’s brand
  3. Extends the life of your message
  4. Builds excitement through clever messaging and humor
  5. It is less costly than traditional marketing methods

Social media is not to be ignored or used infrequently. Embrace it or be obsolete.

Social Media Boosts Your Company

Your organization may potentially touch five generations, depending on your product line. Each of these generational groups communicates differently with a different medium. It is your job to find the proper social channels and continuously provide value-based content about your company. Email campaigns still work, but the key is delivering a personalized message to each buyer persona.

Social Media Promotes Your Brand

When you send social updates, you create top-of-mind awareness of who you are and what you have to offer. The key is moderation; too many updates generate noise in the channel, and too few make you obscure. Strive for one post every business day.

Social Media Extends Your Reach

Have your presentations uploaded to SlideShare, Google Drive, or Dropbox? Record your speakers and upload their talks on YouTube. Run contests about content. Ask questions. Solicit feedback.

Social Media Let’s Customers Know You Better

Once you have built up your followers, don’t let your social channels develop cobwebs. Run videos, post photos, and give individuals updated about your organization. Share what you stand for, whether it is sustainability or activism.

Social Media is Less Costly than Traditional Methods

If you compare the time it takes to write, edit, print, and mail any marketing piece, you would agree that social is less costly and more fluid. In addition, if you advertise in print publications, it can cost you thousands of dollars with no way to measure that spend. Social Media offers a variety of spending options with measurement tools at every turn.

How can Mulligan Management Group Help?

We can provide you with social media help. Give us a call at 330-472-7673 to learn how!


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