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The Secret Sauce That Gets Attendees Returning Every Year

These 4 Ingredients Will Hook Them


Let’s face these facts: Without attendees, you have no meeting. And without a key group of attendees that return year-after-year, your marketing time and effort to secure new ones goes up, up, up.

So, what is the value of a repeat attendee? It is …

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6 Tips To Get Association Attendees To Your Next Conference

Would this statistic startle you?

According to Associations Now, the largest association meeting only attracts 1/3 of its members.

Can that be right? That means, roughly 67% of your membership stays home on any given year. You couldn’t run a corporate business meeting with 1/3 of your staf…

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Don't Deliver The Goods: 5 Ways to Drive Attendees Away


One of the major challenges many meeting planners have is to deliver a great conference time and time again. The irony is since most planners are risk adverse; I would surmise that once they have a formula that works, they don’t alter it very much. 

The problem with little change is …

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