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11 Ways to Turn a Stale Meeting into a Sizzling Event

Is your meeting tired and boring? Many meeting professionals plan the same format over and over again because their mantra is: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But the truth of the matter is events that are planned the same way in the same place with the same presenters and/or style, don’t appeal …

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7 Killer Places to Seek Savings at Your Next Conference

 You just received your budget number for your annual conference and not surprising, it is a very minor uptake from last year’s budget. Upper management’s mantra is “do more with less”. As you reflect on last year’s event and all your meetings in general, it seems like some items could be cut – but …

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7 Solid Tips to Enhance Your Next PowerPoint Presentation


Whether it is an unintentional font, broken link or frozen equipment - a bad visual experience can ruin your presentation, as well as, the attendee’s experience.

I attended a conference about 3 months ago where the PowerPoint presentation wasn’t lined up adequately to the screen size …

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