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Social Media Services

Perhaps you've considered jumping into social media to broaden the reach of your business marketing efforts but put it off due to lack of time or unfamiliarity with social platforms.

Maybe you've even taken the next step and created a business profile on a Facebook or Instagram and even posted a time or two, just to discover that social media is a beast with a huge appetite!

Is Social Media Effective for Business?

Over 70% of American small businesses now use social media as a marketing tool. It is an effective way to:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Interact with clients and prospects
  • Build trust in your company

...but only if you post consistently and work diligently to properly nurture your social presence. 

Or let us do this hard work on your behalf!

Our Expertise is Your Advantage

There is a proper and effective way to post on social media about your business, but it's not always intuitive.

There are lists of dos and don'ts, plus best practices that should be followed to ensure your social efforts are worth the time spent on them.

As anyone who's spent frittered away an evening on social media will tell you, it can be a real time-suck. Unfortunately, the same can be true of social media for business...especially if you're inexperienced.

Hiring a professional like Mulligan Management Group is a time-saving, cost-effective, way to harness the benefits of a social presence without strapping yourself with one more daily do.

To learn more about our customized social media services, which allow you to choose from the following option:

  • Social Media Postings and Boostings
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Training
  • Social Media Monitoring 
  • Social Media Listening (of your business and/or your competitors)