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6 Killer Stats that Confirms the Importance of SEO

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By De-de Mulligan


Search Engine Optimization Helps Ranking

What is SEO?

It is the way your company comes up on Google, Bing, or Yahoo when a user completes a search. With voice searches becoming all the rage, it’s the way, Siri, Alexa and Google Home identify you over the competition.


Most businesses want to rank organically with their search terms, without paying for ads to do so.


SEO Stats to Savor

According to recent research:

  • There is a 97% correlation between speed and Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERP), which impacts ranking
  • 89% of B2B buyers turn to Google when doing a product search
  • 77% of users research a brand online before engaging with it
  • 60% of potential customers do not want any interaction with salespersons
  • 50% of all searches will be verbal by the end of 2020
  • 46% of all searches are local (i.e., “near me”)


What Positively Influences Search

  1. The number of reviews your business has
  2. The number of engagements (Social media, blog and review comments)
  3. The distance of your business from the searcher
  4. How often your company is mentioned by influencers
  5. An accurate business listing across multiple platforms
  6. A mobile-friendly website
  7. Fast load time
  8. Quality backlinks
  9. Good Domain Authority
  10. A better website than your competitors

How Can You Improve Search?

  1. Make sure your business services are fully built out on every digital channel.  
  2. Cultivate an influencer culture – ask employees, customers, and vendors to post about your brand on social media, share your posts or make comments
  3. Keep your page and blog URLs short
  4. Work on better page speed
  5. Remove all broken or dead links
  6. Implement a sitemap for your website
  7. Make sure you don’t have duplicate content anywhere. Best way to ensure this is to use a plagiarism checker (i.e., Grammarly Premium).
  8. Produce content users want to read.
  9. Blog regularly and put your focus keyphrase in:
    1. Your Title
    2. URL
    3. First 100 words of the post
    4. Meta description
    5. ALT text
  10. Create internal links to other pages on your site, ideally 2-4 links.
  11. Add video and podcasts links.
  12. Write guest blog posts that will give you backlinks. 


Mulligan Management Group Can Help You with SEO

Do you need help with Search Engine Optimization? Give us a call at 330-472-7673 to do a website audit and make concrete, obtainable suggestions about ways to improve your visibility and ranking!


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