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White Hat Link Building: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

By De-de Mulligan


It isn’t a secret that Google values backlinks. They want lots of them, but as with everything else Google does, there are rules. Dos and don’ts of the industry.

The number and quality of backlinks that lead to your site can ultimately affect your organic search rankings. However, if you undertake the practices listed below, don’t expect your phone to ring off the hook in days or weeks following the implementation. This strategy takes time.



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Why All Small Businesses Should Focus on Long Tail Keywords

By De-de Mulligan

Every client I have ever worked with hopes to land on page one for specific keywords. 

That is my dream, too. 

But here's the reality -- In the SEO world, you are only going to rank for short-term keywords (one-two words) if you have high domain authority (greater than 60) AND are willing to spend much money for blogging, case studies, and PPC. 

Here lies the conundrum - most small business owners don't have high DA or large marketing budgets. 

So what ar…

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How to Build Better Backlinks

By De-de Mulligan

A Powerful Way to Build Better SEO

As the saying goes, "there are many ways to skin a cat," which appropriately applies to backlinks. Depending on who you listen to and how much effort you want to put into boosting your website's domain authority, backlinks are certainly a way to achieve this objective.  Before I go on any further, I'd like to clarify I'm speaking about whitehat SEO methodology, which to me, is the only way to build an effective, long-lasting SEO s…

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What Every Small Business Owner Should Know About Google Core Updates

By De-de Mulligan

Don't be Frustrated by Google Updates! 

About every quarter, Google changes its core search algorithm in an attempt to deliver better results to the searcher. These significant changes occurred in March, June, and September this year, so you should expect one more in December. 

While Google doesn't divulge what they changed, they do give away some breadcrumbs for you and your team to follow. For example, they have said the update in June was more impactful on SEO…

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7 Killer Ways to Improve Local SEO

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Small Businesses Compete with These Tactics


By De-de Mulligan

As a small business leader, myself, sometimes I wonder if it makes any sense to invest time in local search tactics. After all, can the best optimization plan lead to more website traffic, more leads, and more local pull?


The short answer is, heck, yes!


The long answer is it requires a plan, a chunk of time, and the willingness to keep up to date on changes Google, Bing, and Yahoo may make wheneve…

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6 Killer Stats that Confirms the Importance of SEO

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Mulligan Management Group SEO

By De-de Mulligan


Search Engine Optimization Helps Ranking

What is SEO?

It is the way your company comes up on Google, Bing, or Yahoo when a user completes a search. With voice searches becoming all the rage, it’s the way, Siri, Alexa and Google Home identify you over the competition.


Most businesses want to rank organically with their search terms, without paying for ads to do so.


SEO Stats to Savor

According to recent research:

  • There is a 97%…

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