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Workplace Safety Requires These 5 Technologies

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When you think of safety, you probably envision a firefighter or construction worker, such as the ones above. Someone with a hardhat and safety gear who has been trained to handle all kinds of hazards and conditions. 

But considering the events of the last three months, including three hurricanes, one tropical storm and one mass shooting, often times the first responder in these situations are you and your employees, not the fireman or policeman down the street. 

Today's blog post will focus on the technologies that enforce safety and the three ways to keep your employees safe as physically possible at all times. 


5 Technologies That Enforce Workplace Safety

  1. Workstation Rentals
    If possible, create a learning lounge where individuals can learn from an instructor or online. These workstations can link to many safety training websites such as OSHA. The best online programs test the workers knowledge of the material immediately following the training and do not let them become certified until a passing score is completed. 

  2. Digital Signage
    This signage that can be place in many places around the facility, promotes safety tips, shares safety statistics in the plant and announces upcoming trainings. These messages can rotate every minute. It is important to update this wall once a week or even on a real-time basis, so the messages are current and don't get stale. 

  3. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 
    In-helmet monitoring and communication devices can help monitor the users personal heat or cooling levels and alert the manager if someone is exhibiting signs of distress. Also, with the communication system in the helmet, the employee doesn't have to pull out a phone or walkie-talkie, they can just talk and the helmet will pick up the conversation. 

    Work gloves that are flame, cut, puncture, and chemical resistant is another important PPE improvement.

  4. Wearables 
    Wellness plans with some sort of incentive tied to using wearables to reach health goals and monitor employee wellness are already being used by some organizations. The ability to monitor someone's heart rate, how many steps they have taken and water they have ingested throughout the workday can help employers head off problems before they happen. Look for more capabilities in the arena of drug and alcohol use to be announced sometime in the future. 

  5. Sensors
    In the not-so-distant future, sensors will be used to monitor where employees are, how long they are in that area and what they are personally experiencing (stress, heat or state of relaxation) as it syncs with their wearable. 


Important Steps in Workplace Safety

The major reason safety standards are put into the workforce are to prevent injuries. In addition, all employees should feel they can conduct their day-to-day responsibilities in a safe environment, as that is important to maximum worker productivity. 

In order to assess the level of safety at your company, you should do the following: 

  1. At least annually, conduct a safety audit. This audit will detect any problems in the workplace, with the workforce and identify safety hazards. In the case of a hazard, immediate attention to remedying the problem needs to occur. 
  2. Run safety training on a continuous basis. As a new training comes out, ensure that employees know about and take it. 
    This means ALL employees, including management at the top. Find out if it makes sense to have online or live training, depending on the complexity of the subject. 

  3. Make sure all employees embrace safety as it is their ongoing responsibility. Each employee is expected to take their personal safety and those around them seriously. Management needs to hold employees accountable if they risk their own lives or those of others while on the job. Employees should be able to file safety violations anonymously to management without any employment repercussions. Will Help With Your Company's Safety

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