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Supercharge Your Meetings in a Post COVID World

5 Resolutions to Stick By

Whether your job is to plan a staff meeting for 20 individuals or a large conference of 20,000 attendees, it still requires hard work, excellent communication skills, and the flexibility to change to improve the participant’s experience constantly.

If you are looking to bring about more event sponsorships and deliver a better attendee meeting, follow these five resolutions for maximum impact.

Create Tailored Sponsorships

It’s time to give up the need to tell your sponsors what options are available to them (Gold, Silver, Bronze) and instead ask what they want for the value they are willing to provide.

Shake Up Your Speaker Lineup

If your meetings are the same as they have always been throughout the years, start looking for someone new and different to deliver a great punch.

Here are two suggestions:

  1. Consider hiring local presenters and talent to deliver a destination flavor your “tried and true” presenters cannot. You will save on airfare, hotel, and other expenses by doing so.
  2. Move your best speaker to the end of the conference and start with networking and breakout sessions. Creating a new meeting flow can create new energy within the forum.

Change Up the Meeting Location

Rather than having your event at your company, the same destination, or conference center, look for unique destinations that attendees will remember.

For example, if you have decided that it makes sense to have farm-to-table catering, perhaps this is the perfect time to hold your meeting on a farm. And if you keep it in the same city year after year, now is the time to consider a different location. Would you please work with the destination’s Convention and Visitors Bureau and ask your meeting peers for their recommendations?

Host a Team Building Event

While the right program can help build up a team’s trust in each other, it can also be a fun exercise and good for the community and even the planet. If Corporate Sustainable Responsibility (CSR) is part of your corporate mission, this activity can be added to begin or end the meeting experience.

Facilitate Better Networking

Besides the obvious, most people attend meetings and events for the opportunity to network with new people. Therefore, giving attendees creative, easy ways to start and continue the conversation should be your goal.

Here are three easy ones:

  1. Set up an Instagram station where individuals can come up and have their photos taken. Post the montage of pictures on a video wall along with the event hashtag. Make the monitor a gathering point for attendees or display them on the large screen as attendees walk into the meeting room.
  2. Ask icebreaker questions that are displayed on the screen and form teams to answer each question. Give a prize to the team with the correct responses.
  3. Encourage individuals to trade business cards and connect LinkedIn and Twitter.


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