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What does Your Front Porch Say About You?

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Your front area, stoop, or porch is the first thing people see before entering your home. In most cases, they linger there for a few seconds. So it’s vital that your porch look as spiffy and welcoming as possible to leave a lasting impression.

Here are ten ideas to leave a remarkable impression right from the start.


Make it Clean and Tidy

Clean your porch. Get rid of leaves and cobwebs up and around it. Look at this area with a critical eye. Be sure to repair any issues. Power wash the entire area, including siding and windows. Make the glass door and windows sparkle.

Cost: A few hours of your time, unless you have repairs.

Purchase a New Mat

If your mat is discolored or beat up, now is the time to change it out.

Cost: $20-$40

Paint Your Front Door

Before painting, make sure your door is in good condition. Be sure to sand down the areas of peeling and chipping. The best paint colors are navy blue, dark gray, or charcoal.

Cost: $18-50 per gallon

Inspect the Hardware

Do your doorknobs, locks, knocker, mail slot, kick plate, and hinges need to be replaced because their corroded and hard to turn? If the answer is no, clean them up. If it is yes, be sure to replace each with brushed nickel.

Cost: $12-150 depending on what needs to be replaced

Add a Wreath

A door wreath is a nice touch to any exterior presence. Be sure to change out the wreaths for each season.  

Cost: $21-175 per wreath

Consider an Outdoor Water Fountain

Guests may feel more relaxed when they see and hear bubbling water when they enter your home.

Cost: $60-350

Invest in Potted Flowers and Plants

Place one pot on either side of your front door for a symmetrical effect. The plants should be colorful, well-watered, and have different textures.

Cost: $6-25 per plant

Create a Sitting Area

Depending on your porch’s size, you may have room for one chair or a whole porch set. Ideas might include a small bench, rocking chairs, porch swing, or wicker furniture. Be sure to include outdoor throw pillows to add color and comfort.

Cost: $150-3,000 from one chair to a complete porch set

Check Exterior Lights

Make sure all light bulbs work correctly. Clean the fixtures thoroughly and if they look dated, replace them.

Cost: $20-200 per fixture

Replace House Numbers

Large, modern numbers can help make a positive statement about the house.

Cost: $25-50 per number


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