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Are All Digital Marketing Agencies the Same?

There are many agencies in business today, and they may all look the same to you. Worse yet, many market their services via price alone, which is excellent if you are under pressure to bring the budget in at or under the plan.

However, before going down the price-only continuum, please consider the following questions:

  1. How long has this organization been in business? 
    This statement goes directly to experience and will help you with peace of mind; We are celebrating our 20th year!

  2. How many offices do they have, and what is their travel radius? 
    We are a home-based business in Stow, Ohio, and we have clients all over the country. However, for clients who wish to have face-to-face meetings (which we will restart on May 1, 2021), our radius is up to 300 miles outside of Stow, including parts of Canada.  For longer, more lucrative engagements, we will travel even further. 

  3.  Google the company and look hard at their online reviews
    Look also for reviews posted on Facebook and Yelp. I'm proud to say we have eighteen 5-star reviews!

  4. How current is their knowledge? 
    You want to work with individuals who are up-to-date on content marketing and have the certifications to prove it. One of the reasons digital agencies may be quoting bottom-of-the-barrel pricing is because they are inexperienced. I have six certifications that can be viewed on the Mulligan Management Group landing page.  

  5. Find out when they are available. 
    While our general work hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm EST, we take emails, phone calls, and chats off-hours – especially if the need is urgent.

  6. Ask around. 
    Go to your Professional Affiliation Organizations and fellow business owners and ask for recommendations. We have many of our present and past clients on our portfolio page. We are happy to provide you with our client's names and email addresses if you'd like to contact them directly.

  7. Please make sure they are a good fit for your company. 
    That is why I like to schedule a 15-minute or more extended meeting with every prospect. We get to know each other, and based on the project's scope, I can assess whether Mulligan Management Group can help.

  8. Please provide a written RFP, give them plenty of time to ask questions, and give us time for a quality response. 
    We welcome all RFPs – especially from municipalities, schools, and manufacturers. Nothing is worse than an RFP with a 24-hour window! Please give us ample time to respond and respect that we may have valid and valuable questions.


AND LASTLY, "Do they care about your digital marketing as much as you do?" After all the due diligence, pricing, and reviews, your gut must tell you that the company you select can do a GREAT job. After all, digital marketing should be a big part of your marketing budget. The company you choose needs to be just as vested in making your marketing as successful as you do.

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