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Thanking Your Clients on Thanksgiving

As many of you know, Thanksgiving is the time of year to be grateful for so many things….your health….your family….and, of course, your clients. 

Below are five great tips you can do this week to show how much you care. 

4 Ways to Thank Your Clients

  1. Give tangible gifts.
    Nothing says thank you like a gift or gift card. It doesn’t have to be expensive; a simple token of appreciation will do. Be sure to include ALL your clients. Excluding one or two can cause more damage to your relationships in the long run.
  2.  Send notes of appreciation – often.
    Now that we are in the holiday season, many of us write handwritten holiday cards to friends and family. How about the same treatment for your clients? Take the time to write out those notes of appreciation and send them via snail mail. A simple message can have a very positive effect on your relationship.
  3. Throw a party.
    Why not get ahead of the holiday curve and throw a “Thanksgiving Party”? 
  4. Make the words “Thank You” part of your everyday language.
    Thank your clients for sticking with you through good times and difficult (COVID-19) ones – show appreciation for their contribution to your success.

Happy Thanksgiving from Mulligan Management Group

Thank you for visiting the Mulligan Management Group website and for all you do to make us a successful digital marketing organization! May you and yours have a very blessed Thanksgiving this year!



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