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Stop Resisting Digital Advancements in Your Workplace

I recently finished an article from Harvard Business Review that brought up an exciting premise; At the same time, many leaders talk a good game about digital changes within their company; the fundamental ability to embrace it is lacking.

Case in point: many companies are creating a new position called a Chief Digital Officer. However, they are not giving that person a budget or clear initiative about what they want from them. And we all know without a budget, the use of technology to change things is minimal.

According to HBR, real technological changes occur when leaders change their core beliefs and start looking at their world through a disruptive lens. It begins with their thinking and the ability to end up their own hidden or not-so-hidden bias against real change.

4 Ways to Move Forward


  1. Awareness
    Do you have processes that are 5, 10, or even 15 years old? Are you still heavily paper-oriented? Do people complain about the lack of technology to complete their work?

    Take inventory of what you are doing and see how technology can help – speed up the process, make your data more secure, and keep your employees happy.


  2. Weigh Options
    If the digital process seems too much for you to handle, ask for help. Put together a marketing committee and let them come to you with recommendations. Institute a learning lounge where employees can try out different social media channels, email platforms, and copywriting software before you institutionalize it.


  3. Set an Example
    Use social media, chatbot technology, and texting, even if you don’t know how to use all the features within it. Take the trainings everyone else is required to take. Stop complaining about change, embrace it.


  4. Continually Change
    Once you have implemented everything, don’t rest on your laurels! Give your newly assigned Chief Digital Officer the ability to make recommended changes and take his or her suggestions seriously.

Remember, nothing new ever happened within existing processes. Change occurs through exploration and failure. Working toward a more agile process that is digitally oriented requires your ability to continue to be open to what comes next week, month, or year.


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