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New Year Resolutions for Work


Work resolutions can be related to personal goals for the year or personal goals for the day-to-day. Even the smallest of changes have the potential to "rock your world" if you let it. So start by incorporating some small, easy-to-do resolutions into the workday and grow from there.


Start with a Positive Attitude

What do you want to happen this year and why? Do you want to make more money to:

  • Pay your bills with ease
  • Pay down on your credit cards or
  • Save for travel or
  • Make home improvements?

Focus on those aspects and how you will get there.


Next, assess things you find tedious, counter-productive, or frustrating about your job. Can you control these things or situations? It is not a realistic New Year's resolution if you don't own it! Set yourself up to succeed by only working on resolutions you have control over. Once there is a viable list of resolutions, start adopting your work resolutions into the workday.


Day-to-Day Goals at Work

Sometimes it's the little things that can get you through the workday, so focus on making the day go smoother in the coming year.

  • Keep your desk and work areas tidy
  • Bring or make a healthy lunch every workday
  • Return emails and phone calls within the same workday, even if it is only to acknowledge you received the inquiry
  • Complement co-workers on their ideas or shared inputs
  • Be on-time to work, appointments and meetings
  • Try to learn something new each week

Positive action brings on positive results!


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