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In Honor of Earth Day: Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle


"Greening" your home or office involves some planning and collaboration. Below are ten tips that can make the earth greener and move toward the ultimate goal of reducing our carbon footprint.


  1. Stop printing!
    If you must have something printed, be sure you can recycle it later.
  2. Buy local.
    Locally owned companies stimulate the economy by creating local jobs. Also, there is no shipping, thus reducing carbon emissions.
  3. Use cloth tablecloths and napkins.
  4. Choose potted plants instead of plastic or fresh-cut flowers. 
  5. Use china and glass; no disposable items.
  6. No plastic bottled water.
    That bottle usually ends up in a landfill because most people throw the bottle away even when there are recyclable containers in view. Use your reusable water bottle or buy glass or aluminum cans.
  7. Set up recyclable disposable bins next to the garbage and encourage its use often.
  8. When it is safe, encourage carpooling.
  9. Encourage cycling and walking to work.
  10. Before booking that next trip, evaluate alternative modes of transportation.
    Can you obtain that education online or locally?
    If you must travel, is it more earth-friendly to drive, travel by train, or bus?


If you do one or two of the items listed above, carbon emissions are reduced, trees saved, and costs cut.

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