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How to Build Better Backlinks

By De-de Mulligan

A Powerful Way to Build Better SEO

As the saying goes, "there are many ways to skin a cat," which appropriately applies to backlinks. Depending on who you listen to and how much effort you want to put into boosting your website's domain authority, backlinks are certainly a way to achieve this objective.  Before I go on any further, I'd like to clarify I'm speaking about whitehat SEO methodology, which to me, is the only way to build an effective, long-lasting SEO strategy. 

How much time and what might you expect from the results? 

Here's my assessment of the best ways to build backlinks, the resources needed, the method for delivery, and an estimated timeline for delivery.

Original Research

In this scenario, you are going to interview individuals, write and push surveys, conduct focus groups to uncover more about a specific subject. In its purest form, you have a hypothesis to prove, such as, "Does Facebook's Lead Generation Form get  you more customers?" You will select a random sample of your contact list to fill out a survey. You'll do face-to-face focus groups and phone interviews. The sample size needs to be large enough (usually 1,000 or more) to be considered trustworthy and valid. 

Resources:   This usually requires a team of five or more members to gather and compile the data. Once the data is collected, an internal or outside writer is typically contracted to put the data into written form. 

Delivery method: White paper or eBook

Time: From inception to delivery is six-twelve months


Here you have just learned about something new in your industry that will impact your clients or prospects. If you're a manufacturer, it could be the impact of China's tariffs. If you work in my field, you can Google "digital marketing" (or set it up as an alert) and click on "news" on the top of the tab. It will give you the most recent items. If you see something exciting and trending, by all means, write about it! 

Resource: One writer and Google

Delivery method: Blog post

Time: Two-five hours

Guest Blog

Write a blog post for a great domain website and link your website to the blog.

Resources: One writer

Delivery method: Blog post

Time: Two-Five Hours

In-Depth Guides

If you're considered an expert in your field and have information people are interested in learning about, providing your knowledge to your target audience is a way to gain backlinks.

Resources: Up to five team members and an internal or external videographer and writer

Delivery method: Certification video series (i.e., Hubspot Acadamy, are popular today. Another effective way is through an ebook.

Time: Six weeks to six months


Bottom Line

Create compelling, original, and trending content that others want to read. Push out your content to your social channels, email subscribers, and pitch to influencers. Get the word out as much as you can and to as many channels as possible. 

Mulligan Management Group is Here to Help with Writing Projects

Whether you need blog posts, white papers, or ebooks, give us a call at 330-472-7673 to determine how we can help you gain better backlinks and raise your organic search presence on Google! We'd love to learn about what's on your mind! 


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