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Five Digital Marketing Time Saving Tips

By De-de Mulligan


Let’s face it – if you are in charge of your organization’s online presence, time is rarely on your side. There are meetings to be had and employees to manage. Not to mention the fires you need to put out daily.

What if I told you there’s an easier way to manage the process? If you follow this process, you will save oodles of time and keep your stress level to a manageable level!


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  • From the beginning, assemble your team and establish clear expectations.
    One of the reasons digital marketing sputter along and doesn’t reach your ROI is due to fuzzy or constantly changing direction from the top. When people don’t know what to do, they often will do nothing. Be clear by setting SMART goals.

  • Organize a marketing committee.
    Don’t try and do it all; let others help. It’s especially helpful if you establish guidelines and training for User Generated Content (UGC). Try and get other departments and locations involved in this process. Meet virtually at the beginning of the month to establish your content calendar.

  • Select a content calendar tool and update it as required.
    Set up at least four fields for each entry: date, content, whose responsible, and notes.
    What tool should you use? There are many, but the more popular ones are:

    1. Microsoft Excel
    2. Asana
    3. Wrike
    4. Google Sheets
    5. Trello

Whatever tool you use, be sure everyone can view, edit, and post comments in a collaborative, real-time fashion.  

  • Set up standing monthly meetings.
    Whether it’s Monday mornings at 9 a.m. or Thursday afternoons at 3 p.m., establish a meeting that convenes the same day and start time each month. Invite anyone responsible for content creation or approval.  Discuss open items,  issues, or challenges and solicit feedback on how the group can help.

  • Look at ways to convert your current process.
    Here are three great timesaving examples:

    1. Add a chatbot to your website for repetitive questions your staff is always answering.
    2. Trade direct mail for email campaigns
    3. Use a social media aggregator such as Buffer, Tweetdeck, or Zoho Social to schedule your social media posts.


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